DynITEC GmbH was founded out of Dynamit Nobel in 2002 and is a leading manufacturer for energetic material for military and civil application, explosive devices for military and police use and electronic initiation systems, for over 20 Countries worldwide within the law enforcement and civil sector.

DynITEC GmbH is based in Germany on 28 Km2 with over 50 Buildings including R&D Facilities, pilot plants, large scale production, storage bunkers, test and training facilities and demolition ranges, with currently over 80 employees. DynITEC is certified to ISO 14001 and 9001.

In DynITEC’s product range includes Energetic Materials used for Exploding Foil Initiators (EFI) HNS-IV, Detonating Cords RDX / HMX / HNS / PYX, Detonators RDX / HMX / HNS / PYX / LLM-105, Boosters RDX / HMX / HNS / PYX / LLM-105 / NTO, Shaped Charges for Oil Field Exploration, TATB for HTX ( High temperature explosive) amongst other applications. Initiating devices (for Artillery & Mortar Fuze, 40mm Grenade, Torpedo’s ec.) like Stab / Percussion / Flash / Electric / Electronic / Bridge Wire / Optical Detonators also Lead Elements, Boosters, Delay Elements, Electric Igniters, Electric and Mechanical Actuators, Fuze Heads, Explosive Bolts, Wire and Cable Cutters are also part of the portfolio.

Our electronic initiation system department DynITEC can offer remote Firing devices, time controlled initiation systems, handheld wired initiation systems as standard systems or on demand custom tailored initiation systems to adhere to the needs and requirements.

DynITEC’s Shareholders Junghans Micotech (Thales and Diehl) and Rheinmetall, allow DynITEC to operate free in the market.

Should additional information be required, please do not hesitate to contact us at eod-ied@dynitec.com or call +49 2241 208 4465.