Chelton Limited

Chelton specialises in the design and manufacture of highly reliable antennas, avionics and land equipment for some of the world’s leading military & commercial platforms. Since 1947, Chelton has built a worldwide reputation for quality, capability and reliability across its portfolio bringing together smart thinking, technological excellence and future vision.

Chelton defined the avionics industry with a number of world firsts. From novel static discharger designs, radio silent tuneable antennas through to the first airborne LTE mission critical public safety radio. After many years innovating in the airborne industry, Chelton utilised its experience to create defence products for land purposes including Air Traffic Management Systems, Vehicle Intercom Systems and Explosive Handheld Ordnance Detection.

Chelton has leading edge expertise in developing advanced Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD) systems using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to support counter-IED and mine clearance operations. The high performing GPR sensors can detect objects that would typically evade metal detection such as those made from plastic or wood as well as improve clearance efficiency by reducing false alarms from metallic clutter. Our GPR sensors can be found on Vallon detectors, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Explosive Ordnance Detectors. Trusted by the US Marine Corps, The British Forces and The HALO Trust, well known for mine clearance, Chelton’s GPR sensors are proven in the battlefield to detect and help clear mines from areas of conflict.

AMULET Vehicle-Mounted EODS.

Chelton’s AMULET QuadPack has been used on Pearson Engineering’s SPARK III.

The nature of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) is that their design is rapidly evolving with hostiles adapting quickly to new techniques to evade detection and be increasingly destructive. Often, they can include multiple trigger mechanisms which further increases the risk for search and removal operators. Instead a new solution is needed to take the soldier out of the danger zone whilst still being able to identify and remove threats efficiently. With experience in research and development, product development, trials and evaluation, equipment delivery and in service support including training, documentation and logistics, Chelton has developed a range of single and dual sensor detection products including handheld detection systems, robot mounted remote detection systems and vehicle mounted detection systems.

Chelton’s Explosive Ordnance Detection Systems (EODS) have key expertise in delivering complex detection equipment programmes and training solutions under short timescales into operational environments. The delivery team are supported by both an engineering department with key competencies in hardware, software, embedded systems and RF front-end architectures, as well as a manufacturing department highly skilled in volume production of niche, complex hardware capable of working reliably in the most demanding environments.

Minehound VMR3.

Virtual-reality (VR) training.

VMR3 Minehound® – Dual Sensor Mine Detector. Also available as VMR3G Minehound® featuring an integrated colour graphic display to enable user-friendly operation.

VR1 Wirehound® – Trigger Wire Detector.

Securing success in some of the world’s most demanding environments isn’t just down to Chelton’s failsafe, pioneering technology. From aerospace and defence communications through to navigation and electronic warfare, it’s all driven by the people behind it.

AMULET Unmanned Arial System (UAS).


At Chelton we’re proud to be on your team. Bringing together smart thinking, technological excellence and future vision – whatever your system ambitions.