Brokk Security and Rescue Solutions

When safety and reliability are the highest priority

The Brokk SR-­System offers dedicated security-­, rescue-­, and defense solutions with a wireless working range of over 1000 metres. These remote-­controlled robots have evolved through millions of operating hours in the toughest and most demanding environments around the globe. With their robust design and unbeatable power, our robots can operate in the toughest of terrains and withstand heat, cold, and radiation.

Years of technical advancements have produced countless flexible solutions. Tailored to your specific needs, we make your unmanned ground vehicle suitable for every situation.

Brokk Security and Rescue Solutions is a division under Brokk AB, the company behind the world’s first remote-controlled demolition robot. For over 40 years Brokk has developed, refined, improved and focused on one thing: remote-­controlled robots for human safety.

A proven concept that has been developed to meet the increasing use of unmanned ground vehicles to protect lives.

Brokk SR-­System

One system – countless missions

Already in its basic configuration, the SR-­system is exceptional in its flexibility to deal with different scenarios. And with great power to employ a large range of attachments, the robot is even more versatile in what it can do. From heavy lifting to cutting roofs off of cars and night vision technology. The manipulator arm can even unscrew the lid of a water bottle thanks to its sensitive and intuitive hydraulics. Our system is an investment, not only in advanced and sensitive IED/VBIED and UXO handling. It can also be utilized in daily operations such as digging, clearing and loading in both dangerous and safe environments. Critical tasks carried out by rescue officers, law enforcement officers, firefighters and defence organisations can be performed safely, for all people involved.


  • Precise and intuitive control
  • Extremely robust UGV
  • Highest power vs size ratio
  • Encrypted digital data-­link
  • Remote operations at over 1 000 m
  • Modular, multi sensor design
  • Widest range of attachments

Brokk SR-­System

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