3DX-RAY Ltd is a global market and technology leader in line-scan x-ray imaging systems for security and industrial inspection. Our security systems combine high image quality with ease of use and competitive pricing. Portable, mobile and fixed systems are offered to meet a wide range of security x-ray inspection needs.

Whichever system you choose, you can be sure of the quality. Our quality management system has been independently certified as meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2015. Established in 1996, 3DX-RAY Ltd has a track record of innovation and success and has supplied systems worldwide directly and through partners, agents and distributors.

Specialising in x-ray inspection – When it matters most, we have the insight you need.


Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use, ThreatScan® systems operate with the intuitive and user-friendly ThreatSpect software to produce high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.

The ThreatScan®-LS systems are designed so that the operative can achieve accurate high-quality images quickly and efficiently.

The flexibility of a ThreatScan® flat screen scanning system allows counter terror officers to rapidly examine and assess threats and suspect items on site, such as bags, laptops and furniture, and even enables them to locate and identify hidden cameras and surveillance equipment.

Each system consists of a portable X-ray generator, a detection panel and an imaging station for the operator to control remotely with 3DX-Ray’s market-leading image processing software, ThreatSpect, together with a customer-specific range of ancillary equipment.

Despite being remarkably lightweight, incredibly thin, portable and battery powered 3DX-RAY ’s ThreatScan®-LS1 is a powerful large format x-ray scanning system. The large 600mm x 460mm imaging area of the ThreatScan®-LS1 enables typical bags and packages to be scanned in one scan. This powerful system penetrates up to 34mm steel at 120kV, producing high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.


ThreatScan®-LS3 is a compact yet powerful x-ray scanning system that can penetrate 34mm steel at 120kV as standard. The 305mm x 256mm imaging area enables typical bags and packages to be scanned in one scan. The complete system fits securely into a back pack.




ThreatScan®-LSC is a combination system including both the LS1 and LS3 panels along with a back pack (LS3), tablet pc and the I-Gen generator for quick field deployment.





ThreatScan®-LS1 being used for suspect bag and package inspection.


3DX-RAY advanced x-ray scanning systems are designed to enable the rapid and efficient inspection of suspect vehicles, packages and other items at checkpoints, airports, railways, ports and other border crossings.


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