Bomb Disposal Robots PIAP IBIS® Delivered to the Polish Police

Press Release

In late October, Łukasiewicz – PIAP has finalized the delivery of five large bomb disposal robots to the Polish Police (SPKP – Independent Counter-terrorism Police Subdivision). The new heavy-duty PIAP IBIS® UGVs are the latest generation of the intervention-inspection INSPECTOR robots manufactured by the Warsaw-based institute. The old model of INSPECTOR robots has been in operation with the Polish Police for 20 years now. Although they are still fully operational, they are, unfortunately, did not meet modern-day requirements.


PIAP IBIS® robots have been delivered with extras tailored to the exact requirements of the bomb disposal teams. This makes it possible to utilize pyrotechnic disrupters, portable X-ray systems, or shotguns. The bomb technician may also use the robot’s tool bank, including a glass breaker, wire cutters or a knife for puncturing the tyres. Should radio interference be present in the operational environment, an automatic drum with fiber-optic cable would facilitate uninterrupted operation of the robot.


Six-wheeled chassis with an independent drive of each wheel allows operating in challenging and varied terrain. PIAP IBIS® is a fast robot (10 km/h). The special design of mobile base suspension ensures optimum wheel contact with the ground. Manipulator with an extendable arm provides a large reach (over three meters) and a high range of motion in each plane. The manipulator arm can be used to pick up and carry loads weighing more than 50 kilograms.


PIAP IBIS® robots join the PIAP GRYF® medium EOD robots in the inventory of the Polish Police. PIAP GRYF® robots, weighing 38 kilograms, have been delivered to the Polish Police back in 2019.