Attack Methodology Guidance: Vehicle bombs

  1. Introduction – Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED)

A VBIED is a vehicle which contains and delivers an explosive device to a target. The vehicle may be old or new, inexpensive or valuable, liveried or plain, blend into most situations and / or be modified to prevent detection. VBIEDs may range in size e.g. bicycles, cars, trailers, vans and large goods vehicles and have historically caused significant casualties when detonated near to or within crowded places or buildings. Injuries and fatalities are often greater when additional items are added to the device such as nails, nuts or bolts, or when structures / objects near the explosion shatter or fragment. It is likely that terrorists will continue to try and carry out such attacks in the UK. Such attacks may be multi-layered, including firearms, weapons (including ‘fire as a weapon’), or any multiple combination.

The following examples may indicate unusual or suspicious behaviour:

  • Unusual behaviour of the driver / rider
  • Unusual characteristics of the vehicle

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Source: GOV.UK