Building on the heritage of Dynamit Nobel since 2002, DynITEC GmbH is a leading manufacturer of energetic material for military and civil applications, explosive devices for military and police use, and electronic initiation systems. The company is currently working with the law enforcement and civil sector organisations in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Based on the design of the DynITEC GmbH World-leading Parachute rope cutter, manufactured by the company for safely and rescue missions, we designed a more powerful Cable Cutter™ 3 (CC3) system, with outstanding features, specifically for C-IED operations or low-profile missions.

The main features and characteristics of DynITEC’s CC3 cable cutter, reference NSN 1377-17-126-4454, which has been tested to the AOP-20 (NATO Allied Ordnance Publication AOP -20) standards, with an operational temperature range from -32°C up to +63°C and waterproof down to 110 meters.

Cable CutterTM 3 (CC3).

The CC3 is designed for cutting wires at a distance on IEDs or Concertina Wire and can be used on a BBIED (Body-Borne Improvised Explosive Device) or hostage as the cable cutter. Due to its intrinsically safe design, the CC3 operation does not deform or generate heat or any other type of fragmentations, or shrapnel. The cutting bolt or pressure will not leave the stainless-steel body of the cable cutter when initiated. The CC3 can also be used for underwater tasks on IEDs or booby- traps, and can be used on a 4 mm steel rope or 3 mm steel wire. The cable cutter is also safe to use on Shocktube as it has a function time of less than 35ms.

In our experience, when cutting Concertina Wire with the CC3 the noise generated by the bouncing of the tensioned wire is louder than the cutting itself, therefore it is also an ideal tool for a silent and covert access for Breacher and can be used with DynITEC’s BFAS (see C-IED Report Autumn 2019 https://bit. ly/3lYN6l6) for C-IED/EOD and access missions, or to stop vehicles remotely. The CC3 is lightweight (45g), non- reflective black coated and is not classified as dangerous goods. Shipping world-wide via postal or courier service is possible.

Electric igniter DM29A1.

Alongside DynITEC’s CC3, the company also manufactures DM29A2, ref NSN 1375-12-394-5619, as an extremely useful tool for EOD and IED counter measures. It is commonly used to ignite propelling charges, pyrotechnical charges, deflagrating charges or solid propellants and bulk disposal of propellants. The DM29A2 can also be an ideal tool for training without using blasting caps, but having the characteristics of a Class 3 Detonator without the danger of generating fragments.

The DM29A1 has the same resistance as a Class 3 Detonator and has an output of 8 bar and is lightweight (15 g) which makes it easy to carry.

The DM29A2 has an operational temperature range from -46°c to +50°C. The Igniter DM29A2 is tested to MIL STD 810 / AOP20 and is waterproof to 110 meters.

With the cable cutter CC3 and igniter DM29A2 DynITEC has a wide range of tools for IED / EOD and EMoE missions which can be tailored for a specific situation by using them in conjunction with our HZG Hybrid hand-held initiation system (C-IED Report Spring/Summer 2018, Spring/Summer 2019 and Winter 2019/2020 or remote firing System BFAS (C-IED Report Autumn 2018, Winter 2018/2019 https://bit. ly/3i7QQhS and Autumn 2019 with the safe electronic blasting cap ESK3 and DM42 (C-IED Report Spring/Summer 2020 ensuring your mission success.

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Download PDF version of this article: CABLE CUTTER™ 3 (CC3) SYSTEM FOR C-IED OPERATIONS AND LOW-PROFILE MISSIONS By DynITEC GmbH – Counter-IED Report Autumn 2020