Armenian Military Engineers Cleared 37.6 Acres Of Syrian Land Since Feb 2019 – Authorities

Armenian military engineers have demined 15.2 hectares (37.6 acres) of territory in Syria since February 2019, the Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise said on Tuesday.

On February 8, 2019, an Armenian humanitarian mission of 83 people began work in Syria’s Aleppo city. It was set to demine territories outside the combat zone, inform the population about mines and provide medical assistance to the residents of Aleppo.

“The fourth group of military engineers of the Armenian humanitarian mission in Syria cleared the territory of 5,041 square meters [54,260 square feet] in April, finding 16 PMN-2 anti-personnel mines. Since the beginning of the mission, the total area of the cleared territory has been 152,738 square meters,” the center said in a statement.

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Source: UrduPoint