Afghanistan: Afghan National Police seize and defuse IEDs in Paktika, Baghlan and Kandahar provinces

As a result of search operation, GCPSU discovered & seized one missile launcher, seven mortar rounds, four RPG-7 rockets, four IEDs & six hand grenades in Urgon district of Paktika province.

Meanwhile, ANP seized an ammunition-laden vehicle in PD#5, Pul-e-Khumri City of Baghlan province. The vehicle was carrying 19 heavy rounds of ammunition & 1,500 rounds of PK machine gun. A suspected weapon smuggler was arrested in connection to this seizure.

On 17 January 2021 the engineering teams of ANP following point-to-point search operations, managed to discover & defuse three IEDs in Kandahar City of Kandahar province.

Source: Ministry Of Internal Affairs, Afghanistan/Twitter