500 kilos of chemical used as IED ingredient seized in Zamboanga City

Police seized half a ton of ammonium nitrate, widely used by rebels and terrorists in the manufacture of explosives, following a sea chase that led to the capture of 5 men in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga.

A maritime police patrol spotted a suspicious boat off Taluksangay village on Saturday and gave chase after the vessel did not stop for security inspection. The boat was eventually apprehended and its passengers arrested after policemen discovered its cargo of 20 bags of ammonium nitrate.

Each bag is weighing 25 kilos. The ammonium nitrate, made in South Korea by Huchems Fine Chemical Corporation, is a common ingredients in improvised explosives and is banned in the Philippines.

Police were interrogating those arrested Ismol Malsani, Kadoh Kahamkam, Jinali Marosali, Makamil Malan and Mastal Malsani to determine whether if they are members of any rebel group or who was behind the foiled smuggling of the chemical to Zamboanga.



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Source: Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper.