3DX-Ray Supply Threatscan-LSC Portable X-Ray Scanner Systems To Britain’s Royal Air Force

3DX-Ray has announced a contract for the supply of three ThreatScan®-LSC Portable X-ray Scanning Systems to the Royal Air Force (RAF). This is 3DX-Ray’s first contract with the RAF and the ThreatScan®-LSC’s will replace existing systems.

The systems are designed specifically for military and first responder EOD and Counter-IED teams and are in use throughout the world.

The ThreatScan®-LSC is a combination package including a large format ThreatScan®-LS1 panel, a compact ThreatScan®-LS3 panel with back-pack, tablet PC imaging station and the I-Gen generator for rapid field deployment.

The large 600mm x 460mm imaging area of the LS1 panel enables the operator to scan typical bags and packages in a single scan.

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Source: 3DX-Ray