Tajikistan, OSCE agree to establish Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre

Tajikistan’s Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General Sherali Mirzo and Ambassador Tuula Yrjölä, Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe, inked an agreement to establish a Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre in Dushanbe Nov.9, the OSCE reported.

The establishment of the Centre is foreseen under the Memorandum of Understanding on the OSCE extra-budgetary project “Integrated Co-operation on Explosive Hazards Programme”, which was signed Nov.9. The project is part of the OSCE’s efforts in developing a co-operative mechanism among Central Asian states to address concerns and challenges stemming from the disposal of explosive hazards.

“The Memorandum of Understanding consolidates the partnership and co-operation efforts of the Ministry of Defence and the OSCE to establish the Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre of the Ministry of Defence,” said Lieutenant General Mirzo. He also noted that the Ministry has a well-established reputation in providing explosive ordnance disposal and related trainings in the region.

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Source: Trend news agency.