Route clearance unit gets new components for its life-saving mine detection vehicles

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 305th Engineer Company (Clearance) are tasked with travelling supply routes looking for deadly improvised explosive devices (IED), and other explosive threats. The 305th recently received updated components for their Husky Mounted Detection Systems (HMDS). The new components allow the soldiers to better see explosive threats buried in the ground.

The unit comprises different vehicles designed to slowly travel in a pack sniffing for fatal, concealed threats, that endanger the lives of anyone travelling the supply routes. The unit will usually roll out with a bunch of Medium Mine Protected Vehicles (MMPV) Type II (RG-31), a massive Buffalo Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle (MPCV), and a couple Huskies.

The Husky is like the blood hound of the pack. This is the vehicle that will travel out in front of the rest, and look for the hidden dangers. The husky is designed to take an explosion. The front and rear will just fall apart; while the middle, where the single occupant is, will be safe. Once a threat is found, the Buffalo will come up and dig out the threat.

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Source: DVIDS