Philippines: Police eye Abu Sayyaf in Lamitan City IED blast

An improvised bomb exploded Tuesday night in a village of Lamitan City, Basilan and brought tension to the neighborhood, police said.
Responding elements of the 64th Infantry Battalion and Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit recovered another improvised explosive device (IED) on the scene.
According to Basilan Provincial Police Office reports, the IED exploded about 6:30p.m in the compound of the 2M Construction Firm in Sitio Lagasan, Barangay Kulay Bato, near the city’s port area.
The bomb attack was the second in the last three years. The Abu Sayyaf group is believed to have been behind an improvised bomb that exploded in the same area in September 2014.
Police said nobody was reported hurt in the explosion on Tuesday night.
Investigators believe the bomb attack was meant to harass the firm and make it pay the Abu Sayyaf extortion money.
The city government of Lamitan urged the local business group not to submit to the terrorist group and assured it that police and military units are going after the Abu Sayyaf.
Mayor Gulam Boy Hataman of Sumisip town said the Abu Sayyaf group is now on the run and has been reduced to thuggery.
“Cutting any support from these people would eventually dislodge the existence of the Abu Sayyaf group in the province,” Hataman said.
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Source: PhilStar News