NATO EOD Demonstrations and Trials 2018, 19 – 20 September 2018, Bratislava, Slovakia

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NATO EOD Demonstrations & Trials series is organized based on the Defence Against Terrorism Programme of Work (DAT POW) under the auspices of the NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division. The main goal of the events is to accelerate the fielding of counter-measure technological solutions in order to better equip our armed forces and civilian response agencies based on current missions experience and new perspectives. Organizing of biennial event for experts from military and industry as EOD/CIED/MILENG conferences, demonstrations and trials has become an excellent tradition that helps entire EOD community to better understand each other by exchanging information. Thanks to these meetings, we can define the possible ways of progress, especially via new research focused on EOD/IEDD/MILENG technology development and later through new EOD TTPs integration in the field. NATO EOD Demonstrations & Trials (NATO EOD D&T) sponsored by the NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division through DAT POW, held every two years has become a desirable cyclic event.

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