Logos Imaging Announces Release of Touch Enabled Interface LIA 8

Loveland, CO – Logos Imaging LLC, a leading provider of X-ray solutions for security customers worldwide announced that they have released the Logos Imaging Application (LIA 8) their latest proprietary software designed for usability with advanced touch screen operation. With the development of touch enhancement tools and an auto save function build in, LIA 8 delivers quick and easy assessment anywhere.

LIA 8.

Logos, established in 2002, has transformed portable security radiography with the introduction of their Computed Radiography (CR) and Direct Radiography (DR) systems. With the addition of LIA 8, Logos Imaging is again positioned to disrupt security markets by offering another first-of-its-kind technology.

LIA 8 lets users capture, edit, save and share digital X-ray images. The touch interface gives control and enhancement from any touch enabled PC or tablet allowing operators to quickly and easily control the X-ray system from their device. LIA 8 was built around an incident management model, which stores images according to the user entered incident details. Users can search by incident name or date allowing quick access to previous incidents.

Incident Manager.

Ease of use and touch screen operation were the primary objectives in the designing of LIA 8. With only the relevant tools and options presented in each window, operators can focus on the specific task at hand. This uncluttered focus is clearly displayed in the image viewing window, where the image evaluation is presented full screen. These features are invaluable for tablets and devices with smaller displays.

Getac X500

When used with Logos Imaging DR systems and the ASÝRMATOS II or ASÝRMATOS III interface, LIA 8 offers the same user-friendly UI in a web interface accessible through any web enabled device. Multiple users can now access images under review, acquire new images, or even perform panel calibration from their smart phone or tablet, regardless of whether they are using Android, iOS, or Windows devices.


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