Liz McInnes MP gives support to Manchester-based Nobel Prize winners

Liz McInnes, MP for Heywood and Middleton and Shadow Foreign Minister, has visited Mines Advisory Group (MAG) – based in Manchester – to discuss their work and offer her support for their work of land mine clearance and ammunition disposal.

MAG is a charity which since 1989 has worked around the world to find and destroy landmines, cluster munitions and unexploded bombs in places affected by conflict. Since 1989, they have helped over 18 million people in 68 countries to rebuild their lives and livelihoods after war.

In 1992, MAG joined other similar organisations to form the coalition International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and their work paid off in 1997 when the Ottawa Treaty – banning the production and use of anti-personnel mines – was signed by 122 countries. Later that year, the ICBL jointly received the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its efforts.

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Source: Rochdale Online