Las Vegas airport to test machines to detect explosives

As Las Vegas’ airport continues to see record-breaking passenger traffic, keeping those travelers safe is a top priority.

McCarran International Airport is set to test four explosive detection machines at the Terminal 3 security checkpoint, county Director of Aviation Rosemary Vassiliadis said last month during her presentation to the Assembly Committee on Infrastructure and Growth.

The project, touted as the “checkpoint of the future” by Vassiliadis, will be a joint effort between McCarran and the Transportation Security Administration.

“A separate checkpoint set up in Terminal 3, in a separate little area,” Vassiliadis said. “We’re going to open that up to the public and be able to determine together as a partnership, the airport and the TSA, what’s going to work the best, so we have the best and highest security at the airport.”

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Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal