K-9 dog security training centre opens in Duhok

A centre for training K-9 security dogs has opened in Duhok. It comes due to increasing demand for canine security in Iraq.

Being put through his paces – this Duhok dog undergoes vigorous training at a new K-9 centre in Iraq.

The centre’s founders say they opened as a result of greater demand for security dogs throughout Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

A fully trained imported K-9 security dog costs around 10,000 US Dollars, while the locally trained dogs at the centre cost 6,000 US Dollars according to founder Walid Khalid.

“Now, we have our own dogs, it’s not local dogs, but it’s German shepherd, Malinois, Labrador. We have many kinds,” he adds.

The trained dogs can be bought or hired from the centre on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Khalid says that local dogs are good at watching and guarding, but not so effective in bomb detection.


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Source: Rudaw