Insights into UK EOD & Search Operations

Defence IQ spoke to the Head of the British Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Branch (DEODS), Colonel Zac Scott to discuss how the persistent explosive threat landscape is shaping EOD & Search’s operations post-Afghanistan. Download the full interview here.

Read the interview to:

  • Find out what the short-term focus is when training teams and providing support for overseas EOD partners
  • Discover the nature of the relationship between military EOD & Search capabilities and civilian EOD agencies
  • Hear what the UK EOD has been focusing on since withdrawal from Afghanistan

Responding to this ongoing crisis, the inaugural Countering Explosive Threat and Demining conference, held with support from the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Threats, and supported by the Counter-IED UK, representing the UK’s Counter-IED supply chain and collaborating with Her Majesty’s Government, British Army and security forces, this truly unique forum will bring together key stakeholders and decision makers from the complete, global EOD community.

Countering Explosive Threat and Demining conference dates: 11 – 12 December 2018, London, UK

Download the Agenda for more information >>