Vidisco Ltd.


Vidisco Ltd. is a global leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art portable X-ray inspection systems. For almost 30 years Vidisco has been revolutionizing the X-ray industry as it was the first company to offer a portable, PC-based digital X-ray system packed in a single suitcase.

Today, Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems are sold in over 75 countries and deployed in every kind of terrain and weather conditions.

In the security field, Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray inspection systems are compact, smart, and lightweight. Vidisco’s new generation systems are used for bomb detection and disposal, VIP protection, searches for drug/contraband smuggling, customs and forensics (including Dual Energy detection).

In the non-destructive testing (NDT) field, Vidisco’s ruggedized portable digital X-ray systems are successfully used for various NDT applications such as aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, welding, electronics, energy & power sector, laboratories, universities (R&D), arts & museums, forensics, shipyards, and many more.

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Imaging Area – 325 x 260 mm
Pixel Size – 127 micron
Penetration – 75 mm of Steel
Weight – 3.3 kg
Dynamic Range – 16 bit

The SparX is a high quality, lightweight, wireless system with Vidisco’s standard excellent digital X-ray capabilities.

It also takes the next step towards answering user demands with its weight (3.3 kg), minimal dead space (just 8mm from bottom and right borders), wireless capabilities and compatibility with the new rugged tablet.



Imaging Area – 430 x 350 mm
Pixel Size – 148 micron
Penetration – 80 mm of Steel
Weight – 3 kg
Dynamic Range – 16 bit

The Alpha is a const-effective smart panel, thin (15.6 mm), lightweight system (only 3kg) that saves you time and effort. Featuring a Wi-Fi module, the Alpha saves set-up time and costs.

The high resolution, dynamic range of 16 bit and 148 micron along with minimal dead imaging space makes the Alpha the leading smart panel.

Compact backpacks

The Vidisco backpack has improved the operator’s performance in the field in many aspects, but most importantly in saving lives.

Vidisco has a large variety of bags to suit the operator’s needs and all types of configurations, from 10 kg equipment bags to full equipment weighing 30 kg.

Furthermore, if the operator already uses specific bags, Vidisco can customize them for the requested system configuration, thereby maintaining the purchasing uniformity of that particular unit.

The most ragged case available in the market
GETAC laptop and the new and innovative VEO software, allowing a variety of image enhancement tools in only 3 operation screens (see videos).

Full Robot Integration

Vidiscos portable x-ray systems can be integrated with the most popular EOD robots, facilitating no human approach downrange and control of the x-ray process via the communication system of the ROV.