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Welcome to the Counter-IED Report website, one-stop information and news source for Counter-IED professionals worldwide. The Counter-IED Report is a leading international subscription-based publication, which serves as an information source to communicate the latest developments in the fight against the IED threat. The aim of the Counter-IED Report is to identify technological advances as well as strategies and tactics for countering threat networks, reduce IED manufacture and placement, assist post-conflict humanitarian demining and capacity building efforts worldwide. We strive to deliver an up-to-date, first-hand expert knowledge, and facilitate information sharing between stakeholders, academia and the industry. The report is published in print, eBook and PDF formats, and distributed worldwide. The distribution is tailored to the highly engaged audience of EOD, CIED, CBRNe, Defence, Law Enforcement, CT and Security professionals and senior decision makers in government, public and private sectors. Additional print copies of the Report are also distributed at the relevant Defence and Security events through our Media Partnership Programme.


Latest News

  • Roadside bomb explosion kills six of a family in Kandahar

    June 11, 2019

    A roadside bomb explosion killed six members of a single family in Kandahar province of Afghanistan. According to local security officials, the incident took place earlier today in the vicinity of Dand district of Kandahar. The officials further added that a civilian vehicle struck an improvised explosive device killing six people including women and children. No individual or ...

  • Major training exercise sees dogs sniff out ‘explosives’ at Bristol Airport

    June 11, 2019

    Explosives detection dogs from police forces across the country are taking part in a major training exercise at Bristol Airport this week. More than 40 dogs will be put through their paces by their handlers throughout the terminal building and airfield, testing their ability to detect substances that could potentially harm members of the public. The exercise, ...

  • Support from the Government of Germany Proves Crucial in Continuing UNMAS Life-Saving Activities in Iraq

    June 11, 2019

    With a total contribution of EUR 51.2 million (USD 58 million) to date, the Government of Germany is the largest contributor to the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in Iraq and supports explosive hazard management and capacity enhancement initiatives to mitigate the threat posed by explosive hazards, thus enabling the provision and facilitation of ...

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle off to Africa to finish Diana’s work on landmines

    June 11, 2019

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning a major trip to Africa to help fulfil his late mother Princess Diana’s legacy. As part of their Autumn tour, Harry will travel to Angola, where Diana famously visited in January 1997, just months before her tragic death. The striking image of The Princess of Wales, wearing a protective visor ...

  • U.S. Navy Command Master Chief Philip Ibanez assumes responsibility as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s top senior enlisted leader

    June 11, 2019

    Members of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency welcomed a new command senior enlisted leader and bid a fond farewell to an Airman, leader and friend. U.S. Navy Command Master Chief Philip Ibanez assumed responsibility as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s top enlisted leader during a Change of Responsibility Ceremony from the current Command Senior Enlisted ...

  • Bombing in North Waziristan

    June 10, 2019

    Four Pakistani soldiers were killed by an improvised explosive device in a tribal region along the Afghan border, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday. “Deeply saddened to learn of the shahadat of 3 officers & 1 soldier from a terrorist-planted IED blast in Kharkamar, N.Waziristan,” Khan said on his Twitter account. He gave no more details ...

  • VIDEO: Bomb disposal squad carry out explosions of 100 items found on beach

    June 10, 2019

    A military bomb disposal unit was called to carry out a controlled explosion after more than 100 items of ordnance washed up on the beach. The callout on Wednesday came after the discovery of the find by a Fisheries Officer on the beach north of Millom. Millom Coastguard’s station manager John Whitford said: “On arrival on scene ...

  • Improvised explosive device damages U.S. tactical vehicle in Niger

    June 10, 2019

    An improvised explosive device damaged a U.S. tactical vehicle in western Niger, with no casualties reported by U.S. Africa Command. On Saturday, an MATV, or mine resistant ambush protected all-terrain vehicle, was entering a firing range in the vicinity of Ouallam during a training exercise with Nigerian partner forces when the explosion occurred, the command said Sunday. Although ...

  • UK Exposed Hezbollah Explosives In London In 2015, With Mossad Intel

    June 10, 2019

    Radicals linked to Iranian-backed Hezbollah were caught stashing tonnes of explosive materials in north-west London in a secret British bomb factory, M15 and Metropolitan Police officers discovered in 2015, a matter of months after the UK signed up to the Iran nuclear deal. Israeli media reports claimed that Israeli officials confirmed that the Mossad provided the ...

  • ISIS is a bigger threat than the Taliban in Afghanistan and is using attacks in Kabul as ‘practice runs’ for bigger attacks in Europe and the US

    June 10, 2019

    ISIS has been using a wave of terror attacks in the Afghan capital of Kabul as ‘practice runs’ for even bigger attacks on Europe and the US, intelligence officials have revealed. The Islamic extremist group is seen as a greater threat to Afghanistan than the Taliban despite this year losing its caliphate in Syria and Iraq. The terrorists are expanding the group’s footprint across the ...

  • Bulgaria Charges Teenager With Plotting Terrorist Attack

    June 9, 2019

    Bulgarian officials said on Saturday that they had arrested and charged a 16-year-old student who had been radicalized by the Islamic State with planning a terrorist attack. The Islamic State had recruited the teenager, who is from Plovdiv, in a process that started over social media, Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev said Saturday at a news ...

  • Pakistan: IEDs used in Ziarat bomb blasts, confirms CTD

    June 9, 2019

    Preliminary investigation into the two explosions that hit as many vehicles in Ziarat on Friday suggested that improvised explosive devices (IED) were used to carry out the terror attacks which claimed five lives and left 13 people injured. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attacks. Both the IEDs were attached to the vehicles with ...

  • Bomb squads have been scrambled 5,000 times in five years across the UK

    June 9, 2019

    Bomb squads have been scrambled 5,000 times in five years to disarm potentially deadly wartime explosives. That figure could soar as building projects unearth more bombs across UK cities. The 5,041 alerts between 2014 and 2018 were revealed in the week of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The last bombs of the Second World War were dropped on ...

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