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Welcome to the Counter-IED Report website, one-stop information and news source for Counter-IED professionals worldwide. The Counter-IED Report is a leading international subscription-based publication, which serves as an information source to communicate the latest developments in the fight against the IED threat. The aim of the Counter-IED Report is to identify technological advances as well as strategies and tactics for countering threat networks, reduce IED manufacture and placement, assist post-conflict humanitarian demining and capacity building efforts worldwide. We strive to deliver an up-to-date, first-hand expert knowledge, and facilitate information sharing between stakeholders, academia and the industry. The report is published in print, eBook and PDF formats, and distributed worldwide. The distribution is tailored to the highly engaged audience of EOD, CIED, CBRNe, Defence, Law Enforcement, CT and Security professionals and senior decision makers in government, public and private sectors. Additional print copies of the Report are also distributed at the relevant Defence and Security events through our Media Partnership Programme.


Latest News

  • UK: Terrorism response tested in national multi-agency exercise

    November 8, 2018

    The emergency services’ reaction to a terrorist attack is being practised in the largest exercise of its kind to take place this year. The emergency services, other public services and the government this week undertook a three-day exercise to rehearse their response to a major terrorist attack. The simulated incident, which involved live activity in Westcott, Buckinghamshire, ...

  • TSA allows third parties to certify sniffer dogs for air cargo screening

    November 8, 2018

    Private companies and individuals with sniffer dog teams will soon be able to screen air cargo in the US after the TSA approved 12 organisations to assess third-party explosives detection canine teams. Starting from November 1, 3PK9-C Certifiers will be able to start the process to certify sniffer dog teams. Under the new programme, third-party canine ...

  • Navy Experimental Diving Unit Provides Training to Montenegrin Navy

    November 8, 2018

    U.S. Navy Divers from the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) in Panama City, Florida recently traveled to Montenegro to provide two weeks of capacity building training to Montenegrin Navy Divers, EOD Technicians, Seals, and Medics. This collaboration was instrumental in enhancing the security cooperation between the United States and Montenegro. As DoD Underwater HMA Program Manager ...

  • Police thwart militants bid to detonate a large oil tanker in Kabul

    November 8, 2018

    The Afghan National Police (ANP) forces thwarted militants bid to detonate a large oil tanker in Kabul city, the Kabul Security Commandment said. According to a statement released by Kabul Police Commandment, the police discovered and defused a magnetic bomb planted in an oil tanker in the vicinity of the 9th police district of the city. The ...

  • Grenade-shaped belt buckle prompts evacuation of Spanish rail stations

    November 7, 2018

    Police evacuated the main railway stations in Barcelona and Madrid during Wednesday morning’s rush hour after a belt buckle in the shape of a hand grenade triggered a security alert. The incident, which turned out to be a false alarm, appears to have been caused by a woman carrying the belt buckle on to a train from Barcelona ...

  • Man, 21, dead after blast led police to car packed with explosives in Sherwood Park

    November 7, 2018

    An explosion led police to a car packed with explosives and a man with severe injuries in Sherwood Park Tuesday night, Global News has learned. The 21-year-old man died of his injuries, RCMP confirmed in a Wednesday afternoon news conference. Security sources told Global News the explosive material was believed to be Tannerite, a brand of binary explosive ...

  • British bomb disposal expert has emotional reunion with puppy he plucked from rubble of bombed-out school in Syria

    November 7, 2018

    A former soldier and the adorable puppy he saved from rubble in war-torn Syria have finally met again after seven months apart in an emotional reunion. Bomb disposal expert Sean Laidlaw, 30, credits tiny dog ‘Barrie’ with saving his life after he pulled the pet from a bombed out building while stationed in Syria, in February 2018. Mr Laidlaw ...

  • Rifles And Engineers Put Final Training Into Practice Ahead Of Iraq Deployment

    November 7, 2018

    3rd Battalion the Rifles along with 21 and 35 Engineer Regiment have been carrying out their final training in Wales ahead of deploying to Iraq in December. The Iraqi military continues to battle so-called Islamic State and 200 British troops will help train them in counter IED and close protection. In Iraq road sides ...

  • Pakistani army officer dies while defusing bomb: spokesman

    November 7, 2018

    A Pakistani army officer was killed on Wednesday while defusing an explosive device in the country’s Mohmand district, the military said. A statement from the army’s media wing the Inter-Services Public Relations said that captain Zarghaam Fareed lost his life when he was neutralizing an improvised explosive device, while a member of the bomb disposal team ...

  • Minister’s Award for Protection Against IEDs

    November 6, 2018

    Dr Andrew Piotrowski has been awarded the 2018 Minister’s Award for Achievement in Defence Science for developing life-saving equipment against improvised explosive devices (IED). Minister for Defence, the Hon Christopher Pyne congratulated Dr Piotrowski, saying his innovative work saved the lives of countless Australian and Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. “For over 20 years, Dr Piotrowski ...

  • IEDs are ‘biggest enemy’ of security forces in Manipur: Army

    November 6, 2018

    Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are a major threat to security forces, which also face daunting challenges in operations and fear possible misuse of the ‘free movement regime’ with Myanmar while seeking to contain insurgency in the most violent state in the Northeast, Manipur, said senior army officers. Thirty eight camps of insurgents are located across ...

  • Three ‘viable explosives’ found during Antrim security alert

    November 5, 2018

    Police said three “viable explosive devices” were found during a security alert in Antrim yesterday. The road between the Dunsilly roundabout and the Kilbegs Road roundabout was closed for a time following a report of a suspicious object at around 12.30pm. British army bomb disposal experts who were called to the scene declared the object to be ...

  • Iraqi forces in Kirkuk arrest sleeper cell of 26 involved in recent terrorist activities

    November 5, 2018

    Iraqi counter-terrorism in the disputed province of Kirkuk on Monday announced they had arrested a group of 26 terrorists which had recently been active in the area. “The terrorist sleeper cell was made up of 26 people, among them women,” the statement reads. The statement mentioned the group was in possession of suicide vests, improvised explosive devices ...

  • Kurdish security says VBIED attacks re-emerging, IS assassinations unabated in October

    November 4, 2018

    Terrorist attacks using car bombs are re-emerging, and assassinations of village leaders and striking electrical grid remain persistent in contested areas in October, the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council (KRSC) announced on Sunday. The KRSC’s statistics for the month indicate “a re-emergence of VBIED-based attacks in Kirkuk and Mosul,” the Kurdish security agency ...

  • Several feared dead, wounded in a suicide attack near a prison in Kabul

    October 31, 2018

    Several people were killed or wounded in a suicide attack near Pul Charkhi prison in capital Kabul earlier today. The security officials confirm that a vehicle carrying the employees of the prison was targeted by a suicide bomber. According to the officials, at least four people were killed and five others sustained injuries in the attack. Read more… Source: ...

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